Sunday, January 06, 2013

Gift item of the day

Lego Attack of the wargs set

includes a warg

not to be mixed up with the GMwolf of Hunger games

I am trying to find photos of the genetically modified wolves in the Hunger games and compare them to the Wargs, but not much information on line (In the book they are given faces to resemble the dead, but not in the film).

However, I did run into a factoid: that in Beowulf, Grendle's mother sometimes too wolf appearance.
 and is called a she wolf

brim-wylf**, f. -jó., She-Wolf of the Sea/Lake (i.e., Grendel's Mother); brim-wylf, 1508; brimwylf, 1601. see grund-wyrgen.

grund-wyrgen**, f. -jó, accursed (female) monster of the deep; wolf of the deep ( = Grendel's Mother); as., -wyrgenne, 1520. see werhðo. 

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