Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stuff below the fold

m    TORN links to the Russian version of the Hobbit., not a film but a play taped for tv...

also from TORN: The Janet Croft, the Tolkien scholar who made sure they didn't borrow from the wrong books.

This had been noted by various podcasters: why didn't Gandalf remember the names of the two blue wizards? Because the fact that there were five wizards is noted somewhere in the LOTR or Hobbit, but their names are only mentioned in the Simarillion, and Jackson did not have rights to the content of that book....

 In the article, she mentions liking Terry Prachett's The Hogfather.

No, I'm not into discworld Discworld myself, but the film in pieces can be watched at youtube. 

Hieropraxis blog has a review of the film Les Mis.

It hasn't opened here yet, nor have I seen pirated dvd's yet in the palenke, but my relatives liked it.

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