Saturday, February 16, 2013

Answering the really important questions of the day

If Downton Abby folks came to the US, would they have vacationed in Newport?

TeaAtTrianon discusses Peter the Roman: Not the end of the world, or end of the church, but the end of an age.


Geordi Redux: FDA okays implant for those with retinal (eye) disease. 
The device, made by privately held Second Sight Medical Products Inc of Sylmar, California, is intended to replace the function of light-sensing cells in the retina destroyed by retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited degenerative disease that affects about 100,000 people nationwide.

but it's a lot smaller than Geordi's wrap around glasses...presumably he lost the globe of the eye. Since the backstory says he was "born blind"...most kids born blind have congenital cataracts, most blindness in children are because they lose the globe from infection or injury, or they could be blind from problems of the retina, but it is rare to have a child born without an eye..., one has to presume he was born with the very rare problem of  micro-ophthalmia or agenesis of the globe of the eye...if so, this explains the wrap around glasses, since these kids often have a smaller "orbit", i.e. the eye socket is smaller than usual...

Caelum et Terra usually has radical essays a la the Chesterton/Dorothy Day branch of the church, but today I notice an article on a faith healing "catholic" "surgeon" (who asks for oodles of money to see patients, which makes them sceptical about his religion.)

Cleveland magazine is more sceptical, and it sounds like a scam to me. If he is a physician in a pain clinic, then $250 for a comprehensive consultation (physical exam, evaluations of history, x rays, previous treatment etc) in his office is not high, but 95 dollars to attend a meeting as a faith healer is a bit on the high side......

Giant Ferris wheels around the world

Well, when this one, not the tower bridge, is the latest landmark for London, you know ferris wheels are in...


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