Thursday, February 07, 2013


I don't have many decent photos of our chicken farm (we have rented it out for the last 8 years). But the dirty little secret about chickens is that if you want to feed the millions of poor working class folks in the cities, you have to "grow" and "harvest" chickens, not just have a few in your back yard. Here are some photos of Eng. Ziyaae's Chicken farm training center in Iran:

 He has a blog on the raising of chickens and caring for them in Farsi.

Say a prayer for him: There is a chicken feed shortage due to western sanctions.

One day old chickens come in boxes like this.

and here are the eggs being examined to check if they are viable or not.

One of the most revolutionary inventions of the modern world are egg crates: so you can pack and send eggs without breakage (the old way is to put them packed in straw in a basket).

 This is his center, which has airconditioning and heating.

compare and contrast: (taken with my old palmpocket camera, so poor quality).

Our farm is more primitive: the open air cools it (with fans) and we have sunshades and some heaters for the cool season. But we grown frier chickens.

Since Lolo had a stroke, he can't run the farm, and since Chano is more interested in organic food, we now rent out the chicken farm to a family who has a contract with a local poultry company.

The floors are bamboo, with slits for the chicken manure to fall through.We then process the chicken manure for organic fertilizer.

Luckily, no bird flu here yet.

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