Friday, February 01, 2013

Gun control, we haz that

A follow up article on the arrest of the mayor behind the hit that "accidentally" killed our nephew.

NE Reports 12,800 loose guns

Personally I wondered at that: Guns are usually illegal here without a permit.

But actually, that underestimates the number of local guns:
Sr. Supt Crisaldo Nieves, the police provincial director, said the guns were considered loose because of expired or revoked licenses, but it does not include unregistered or locally made firearms known as “paltik.”...
They mention our city (but ignore other gun related crimes among the politicians or against public officials).
Police Supt. Peter Madria, the deputy provincial director for operations, said out of a total of 10,806 firearm holders in the province only1.604 have renewed their licenses ..
In Gapan, people expect trouble from rivalry of  re-electionist mayor Christian Tinio and Maricel Natividad, daughter of three-term mayor Ernesto Natividad, who has gone into hiding for involvement in 2006 raid of a cockpit arena in which two sons of his political rival were among those killed.
 And no, we don't have guns in our home: Lolo has a machete next to our bed, and we rely on our killer Lab George to keep the criminals out.

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