Friday, February 22, 2013

Headlines below the fold

Google Glass? been there, done that in a tv show.

In our prayers: Lady Gaga had hip surgery.

a cartilage tear: description of the problem here. or HERE


Alqaeda has a tip sheet on how to dodge drone hits. 
 example: Hide under trees or cover yourself and your cars with mud, to block your "heat signiture"

Heh. Sounds like they took tips from the Guvernator.


Forget 50 Shades of grey: The UKTelegraph suggests these books up for the weirdest titles for your reading pleasure,

How Tea Cosies changed the world.

Most  Americans, who drink instant coffee or Mr Coffee, aren't familiar with the tea cosy, which is placed over one's teapot to keep the tea warm.

and yes, there are safety standards for tea cosies and they seem to be working
The number of injuries associated with tea cosies has dropped from three in 1993 to zero in 1994.
 however, the tea pot continues to be dangerous, with 66 people that year being hurt by teapots.

The WAGD headline of the day sees global warming causing a methane release.(from the Siberian permafrost).

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