Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Prayer stuff for Lent

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.

If you want prayer type stuff to use, try these:

Father Ricardo has the rosary..
and the Anchoress has her recitation of the rosary on the side bar.
If you can't remember how to say it, RosaryArmy has instruction and several downloadable versions of the scriptural rosary on their sidebar (where each prayer is preceded by a bible verse).

Divine office is a selection of psalms and readings for various times of the day

and if you like warm and fuzzy type talks/ meditations, try Pray as you go.

it's so warm and fuzzy I can't stand it, but what the hay: It's more ecumenical than the previous ones.

And say a "headsup" prayer for the pope. The media already is discussing all the uber-liberal types they are planning to take his place.The Anchoress discusses what this means to Catholics who actually are believers, and Get Religion blog critiques the media bias.

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