Monday, February 18, 2013

Stories below the fold

Frontpage magazine has an expose on the crimes of Fidel Castro.
Ignored by the MSM, of course, because he is a communist his heart is pure and only was trying to help his people.

As a doc, I was aware that he put HIV positive people in concentration camps, but no one cared because most of them were heterosexuals who caught it soldiering in Africa.

What, you didn't know the story of how Castro's soldiers kept the corrupt minority tribe regieme in power in Angola (so that the oil companies could steal their oil)? Well, if you heard of it, it only might be because the "evil" south Africa supported the majority tribes (UNITA) against the communists. The press condemning their SA boogeyman usually ignored Castro's part in the civil war, even though Chevron, not the locals, were the big winners. The country is still a corrupt mess, although Castro's mercenaries have left.
Wikipedia article (for what it's worth) HERE.

Movie trivia: What movie had a major character who was one of Castro's soldiers?

The Gods must be crazy number two.


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