Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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TPMBarnett links to an article in the NYTimes blasting President Obama's foreign policy, but blames the voter:
I have little doubt in the verdict, but frankly, this is what the American people voted for in both 2008 and 2012: focus on the economy and temporize on foreign affairs.

Meanwhile, the Politico praises President Obama for manipulating press coverage.

Alas, this results in the press seeing any question of the President's policies as political attacks, and thereby changing the subject from the questionable policy to a discussion of how the evil republicans politicize foreign policy.

related item: DieHard 4 should have made China the source of the cysberattacks (but it might have hurt their feelings).

but aside from shutting down power grids, the main threat is stealing industrial secrets.

It's election time in the Philippines: time to get out your guns.

Our cook reported another drive by shooting of a candidate's house by a masked man on a motor cycle yesterday.
Guess the one who hired him wasn't aware that the candidates pledged a "no violence" election.


Attention Homeland Security: While you are frisking grandmom, these robbers stole diamonds by simply cutting through an airport fence in Brussels.

That should make you feel better when they pat down your family jewels.


Sounds like the Pope's failing health may be why he resigned, but the PC who ridicule him might want to read how he made enemies fighting corruption in the bureaucracy of the Vatican.

and I read that one rediculous MSNBC wag suggested they make a nun a pope.

Hmm... Mother Angelica for pope....sounds ok to me...

Oh? They didn't want her, but a PC nun who takes dancing lessons from Pricilla...

Related item: Dustbury vents on old ladies trying to look 20 in jeans and boots.


 Factoid of the day: The UKMail points out how the UAE helped Joplin after a tornado wrecked the place,and lists other poor areas in the US they have helped.

Yes, and they have helped us out here too...

Muslim nations charity gifts often don't get reported positively in the press ..

alas, some private Islamic charity money is diverted into terror, which taints their reputation. So the general from Iran killed in Syria last week was both an aid supervisor and a backer of the local Qods fighters.

 Last month, StrategyPodcast discussed the long view of Egypt

This month they discuss

What The Hell Is The Seven Years War And Why The Hell Should I Care? - 2/18/2013
Al and Austin discuss the ongoing effects of the Seven Years War which end 250 years ago this month.
MP3 Download
Most of you know about this war from The Last of the Mohicans...

no, it's not as interesting as the podcast on Sex and the Generals...
Bradley had a bimbo on the side? Who wudda thot?


Joe Biden's advice for protecting oneself: buy a shotgun, not an assault weapon.

Actually, this is good advice. When my son left home, we sold his deer rifle, but I gave his shotgun to my mother to use for protection. Actually, she knows how to shoot, but in an apartment building a high power bullet might go through walls and injure someone, whereas a shotgun at close range is scary, but won't kill someone a mile away by accident...

Forget the story of how China is claiming the West Philippine sea.
Today's headline is how some Pinoys decided they should own a piece of Malaysia.

related item: Prof O'Brien at Univ of Houston has a course of Piracy, and last night I was listening to his lecture on the Chinese pirates. Alas, I fell asleep in the middle of it, but if you are interested in the subject check it out...

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