Friday, February 01, 2013

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While the internet was off, someone hit Syria's WMD being transported (to terrorists?) But the UN observers didn't see a thing.
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The latest excuse to force encourage birth control: to stop terrorism 

It's interesting to read about the prehistory of Egypt, and realize that the Sahel has been drying up and causing refugees for only 14000years or so...

related item:

And I ran across another story that Timbuktu's library wasn't destroyed by the foreign terrorists: Locals hid the books.(no link)

Expect them to be put on EBay any time now.

19 workers trying to vaccinate kids to eradicate polio have been killed over the past 2 months in Pakistan.
Been there, done that, and hope there is a hell for the killers.(alternative: Yes, I know: a life of repentance. But when Ann Coulter suggested that, she was banned from NR).


BBC discovers another dangerous American cult: The Janeites.

do NOT try to disarm these ladies:



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