Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Well, North Korea is threatening to nuke Alaska (which is the only state his missiles can hit), and we expect the SOTU to blame Republicans for the world going to hell, and the Pope will resign, meaning that according to St Malachi the church is kaput.

But while the end of the world is probably nigh (again) let's catch up on really important news.


; Today is Ash Wednesday. Lolo was awake when I went to get his morning tea, but he fell back asleep so we probably won't get ashes.

FountainOfEliasBlog remembers the old B&W film Song of Bernadette.

the feast day of the apparition was February 11th.

And the film is on youtube...

enjoyable even if you don't believe. I seem to remember that the novel it is based on was written by a non believer, Franz Werfel, who was fleeing the Nazis and staying like many Jews and refugees, in the hotels in that town, which borders the Spanish border. He made a vow  to Bernadette that if he made it to the US he would write a book about her, and he did...

The story is not on HIS wikipedia page, but it is in the preface of the book which is quoted on the book's wikipedia page.

The Pope resigned on February 11, not on ash I am waiting for the pundits to notice the implications (Can't think of any myself, since Lourdes is mainly known as a place for physical and spiritual healing not for geopolitical reasons like the visions of LaSalette or Fatima)...

The Inquirer has an article on all the popes who resigned in the past...more than I thought.

Father Z notes that the Pope is sending a subtle message in declaring who will be named as saints in the next cycle:

Who were these people?
- Antonio Primaldo and Companions, martyrs, (1480) -
On 14 August 1480, 800 men were slaughtered by Muslims in Puglia, sourthern Italy.  They were exhorted by Antonio, the only one whose name we know, to stand firm and persevere in Christ. See the story HERE.

The story is how that city stopped the Ottoman Turks' plan to invade and take over Rome, and destroy the papacy....


Ori, in the Hobbit film, is the youngest (or probably the wimpiest young hobbit) and only carries a slingshot.

Although the wiki article notes that he borrows and uses a hammar during the Orctown sequence (which is so fast that I couldn't keep track of them) his usual weapon is a slingshot, which isn't very effective.

So I suggest he should have them make one of these to use:

Headsup INstapundit


Since today is Ash Wednesday, the day before is Mardi Gras! (The last day of eating meat and goodies before the 40 day lenten fast: Unlike the modern gospel of health, Catholics know there is a time to feast and a time to fast).

The theme song is "If I ever Cease to love". Story HERE.

Story includes a Russian Prince, mentions Custer, and notes that music pirating has a long history.
It is a silly, nonsensical, magically enchanting little ditty.
"If Ever I Cease to Love" has been the royal anthem of the Rex organization since its first procession in 1872. One of the song's choruses goes:
If ever I cease to love, if ever I cease to love
May fish get legs and cows lay eggs
If ever I cease to love.
Cole Porter it ain't, but the song was immensely popular before Rex's first parade.
First published in 1871 in England, the sheet music identified it as a "Comic Song" written, composed and sung by George Leybourne of Newcastle. Leybourne, also known as "Champagne Charlie, " is not exactly a legend in the annals of music history -- his claim to fame possibly the fact he wrote "The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze."

TeaAtTrianon comments on the song

Kaching story of the day: Geron, after wasting millions of California tax payer dollars for claiming destroying embryos for stem cells would cure the world, is going broke and selling their stem cell division.

This is not about science, it is about money and the wish of many to diss the Bush rules against destroying embryos.


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