Monday, February 04, 2013

Stuff that makes you go "Huh?"

UKMail says that their health system plans to collect lots of information on you and place it in a big data base.
Of course, some of the information is from medical history, and folks tend to lie about it.
But how many women lie about their weight, or want their weight put down for any hacker to snoop into?

Is it real or is it the Onion?

Bioethicist says hand made humans hold the key to global warming. So he proposes to bioengineer folks to be shorter.

Given the price tag on IVF, (in the US one quote is $12000) one really wonders about his stupidity. Of course, he could just arrange to make everyone eat a low protein diet. Of course, their IQ's will be lower, they will die of minor diseases because their immune system will be weak, but hey, they won't warm the planet as much (unless all the gas from the beans etc. increase global warming).

Iran just place a monkey in space, making it as sophisticated as the USSR in 1959.

Or did it? From StrategyPage
This launch may indeed have successfully launched a monkey up about a hundred kilometers and brought him back alive. But the government PR people definitely screwed up by using pictures from a similar launch (which was a failure, the monkey died) five months ago along with photos of last week’s launch. Pictures of two different monkeys were released and there were other inconsistencies with the Iranian claim. This launch was not a scientific breakthrough, it first occurred in the West and Russia over 50 years ago, but the Iranian publicists are getting sloppy with this stuff. There are similar problems with recent claims that Iran had developed a new stealth fighter. Western engineers examining the photos point out the physical impossibility of the aircraft shown to fly or be stealthy.
Of course, they won't have to be very smart to fool folks like Chuch Hagel or Joe Biden, so that's cool...

For all of the talk of Obama's pivot to Asia, the Philippines hasn't had much help, and the help they sent is making more problems than helping (the "lost drone" from Guam, or the minesweeper who got stuck on a local reef). But Japan is pissed at China and giving us patrol boats.

Guess what? Kids fake ADD symptoms to get amphetamines.

Yeah. And they sell their pills to their classmates too.

Just like my little old ladies with arthritis sometimes sell their vicodan to get grocery money.

Welcome to reality...

NYtimes says Birth control bill altered to alley religious fears.

Two problems not noticed: The original rule still hasn't been changed (this is just the second proposal to change the rule, not a change per se.)
The second? It won't cover smaller organizations run by religiously minded people, and even EWTN, which is a corporation run by a board of lay Catholics, would not meet the cut.

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