Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Conspiracy stories below the fold

Headline of the day:

Jailed Schoolboy takes IT class, hacks prison computer.

quick: hire him to stop China's army of hackers.


For some reason a local man who thinks he is the Sultan of something or other (or maybe two other men are the Sultan) has invaded Malaysia and is getting his "followers" killed.  PNoy wonders who is behind this "spontaneous" invasion (place conpsiracy here) 
but Santiago says: It's about only about money.

but it has resulted in a mini cyberwar between Pinoy and Malaysian hackers.

quick: Hire them to stop China's army of hackers.

Now we are being told Facebook is "leaking" our cellphone numbers.

Already I suspect Lolo is getting emails from some Democratic party organization because they accessed our facebook account, which uses his email.

So it's not just China who is hacking obtaining email addresses from someone.

They keep telling us to change our passwords to something more difficult to remember, so we can't be hacked, but then hackers get into THEIR computers and steal the information, or maybe they are selling the information without asking us.

I had to change my twitter password once, and my yahoo mail password twice after finding those places had been "hacked" and I was sending junk emails to my mailing list.

And yet every time I log into yahoo or gmail, they want my cellphone number "to notify me" in case of problems. Uh, but if the problem is a hack, won't the hackers get the cellphone number?


The latest Vatican Conspiracy theory is that the latest report on the infiltration of the Vatican by X...(Fill in the blanks: the latest conspiracy theory is gay cliques, but you could also put the Masons or communists or the Mafia or the evil NWO into the blank).

The theory is that, since when the Pope resigns, everyone in the Vatican has to put in his resignation (similar to the changing of the guard at the exective branch when the US changes presidents), the theory goes he resigned because it is easier just not to rehire them than to try to fire them one by one.

 Presumably Dan Brown is working on a book about the problem right now.

Most Catholics (but not the media) know that Ratzinger was called the German Shepherd and hated deeply because he was the hit man in cleaning up the Vatican bureaucracy  and the bishops who were heretics or ignored moral problems in their clergy, despite a lot of opposition from the bishops and even the laity who "loved" these "popular" priests:

Tea At Trianon links to an essay about it, and Cardinal Arinze's video here.

Leon Poodle has a lot of information here.

and then there is the Father Kunz scandal...and don't forget the various Malichy Martin conspiracy theories on Coast to Coast am...

My take? well, if you think this is bad, watch the Borgias.

But for every "bad" priest and bishop, there are probably 80 good ones, and a couple saints. So do I judge the church because of a news story about a bad priest, or do I remember the heroic priests who I actually knew who were martyred for defending human rights?

This film is about El Salvador, not where I worked in Africa, but it could be a dozen other countries, including the Philippines. I can't watch it because it brings back bad memories....


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