Friday, March 15, 2013

Pope stuff around the net

the UKDailyMail (a tabloid) covers the Pope with lots of photos.
A lot of news stories mentioned he went to a church dedicated to Mary to pray and lay flowers on the altar:

That "church" is St Mary Major, one of the oldest churches of Christendom. (built in 432).

Laying a wreath on Mary's altar, like lighting candles, is a common way of asking the saint to pray to God for us. Usually it is before leaving on a dangerous trip, and when getting married, women often leave their bridal bouquet on Mary's altar (a small altar on the side of the main church).

No, I didn't do it: I married in a "modern" church, with 1970's type art work and that resembled an auditorium with uncomfortable seats.

Politics in the conclave: The "progressives" tried to nix Benedict by pushing Bergoglio to split the Catholic vote in the last papal election, so they could substitute their own candidate as the best one.

 Al Jazeerah's take HERE. there will be a new stress on holiness.
Addressing the cardinals who elected him as Latin America's first pope, the 76-year-old Argentinian said on Thursday the Church could "end up a compassionate NGO", using an Italian word that can also mean "pitiful".
This take is from the Anglican bishop of Argentina.

he didn't press for an Anglican ordinate there, but then the Anglicans in Argentina still follow the bible, so there is less of a need for it. And note this little factoid:
Political analysts in Argentina note the battle over gay marriage has little to do with the intrinsic issues, but is part of a wider political battle between President Fernández and her husband, former President Nestor Kirchner, against the Catholic Church.
The Catholic Church has been sharply critical of the government’s failures to address corruption and poverty....
“Kirchner doesn’t care about the gay community,” said opposition leader Elisa Carrio of the Coalicion Civica party. “Kirchner is using the gay-marriage issue to take on Bergoglio,” she said.
Remember this when President Obama sharpens his low grade persecution of Catholic and Christians who won't go along with abortion/contraception/euthanasia/denying-men-and-women-are-different agenda.

Secrets of the Hobbit podcast hasn't been posted for a few weeks: and another podcast explained why: Father Roderick has changed hats (or maybe removed his hobbit feet) to go to Rome, tweeting and podcasting. 

my take? Sounds like the Priests I worked with in Africa.


and the deity sends his approval (but seems to have missed the target and hit Palm Beach instead).
and here is a photo from Florida:

 photoYouReporter Brandon Stockwell

Like a Rorschach inkblot test, the angel cloud means different things to different people. But one thing is clear – it captured the imagination.
More than 34,000 people have viewed the photo on our Facebook page and hundreds have shared their feelings about what it means.

well, it could be worse. The Angel could have appeared on french toast...

update: via the Freepers: a survivalist living in Argentina writes about Padre Jorge
I add it because it gives you an idea of what bishops do in corrupt countries:

he visited the victims of the Republica Cromagnon fire that claimed the lives of 194 people and those of the Once train station crash where 51 people died. Pope Francis, then just known as Father Jorge Mario Bergoglio (he didn’t like being called Cardenal) criticized the government. In the first incident, fire exits had been bricked shut or chained closed, clearly someone had bribed the fire inspector. Regarding the train accident its well known that the train failed to stop at the station due to breaks malfunction after decades of neglect by the train company that is subsidized (and supposedly supervised) by the government. The relationship between Cristina Kirchner, her late husband Nestor Kirchner and Pope Francis was “tense” to say the least.

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