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When the gentle Anchoress refuses to be a dupe, maybe the press has a bias problem. She explains why....

and even the Lutherans are mocking the press:

transcript of the video HERE.


Sign of the Apocalypse? The waters are turning to blood. 

Apparently a drought in Texas has resulted in dead fish and the overgrowth of a sulfur loving red bacteria.
Of course, another reason the waters turn blood red is the acid mind run off reacting with pyrite, causing red streams  similar to what we  had near our house in the Appalachians. There were trout and beaver upstream, but once the slagheap appeared, the stream changed colour and the fish died.


CelticMusicMagazine has an article about modern Irish Myths and popular stories.

includes this factoid:
2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the song Danny Boy which was first published in 1913.  Frederic E. Weatherley wrote the words in 1910 and set it to the Irish folk song Londonderry AirThe first known recording was in 1915.   The tune itself has been set to hundreds of songs and Mr. Weatherley was an English lawyer who never set a foot in Ireland.
not mentioned: the song Irish Eyes are smiling  and the lament I'll Take you Home again Kathleen, were both written by Americans.

and oh yes; Leprechauns before the 20th century wore red, no green...

Your ancestors probably had better teeth than you do.

no sugar to cause cavities.

Well, considering my ancient ancestors were probably long dead before they reached 65, that's probably right.

 Earth has not one, but three "van Allen Belts".

CREDIT: NASA/Van Allen Probes/Goddard Space Flight Center 

more HERE.

heh. they already updated Wikipedia's article.

TYWKIWDBI: Answering the really important questions of the day: Why does my roast beef have rainbows?
Photo credit:Atlantic magazine:  Tim Dustrude/Friday Harbor, WA

USDA answer, via the atlantic:

According to the USDA, "When light hits a slice of meat, it splits into colors like a rainbow." This is something called a "diffraction grating," essentially what happens when light waves bend or spread around a surface and create a pattern. It's the same thing that happens to make rainbows on the surface of a DVD. It's understandable that folks mistake diffracted light as a sign of spoilage...

From Freakonomics: asking questions no one else is asking:

Would you eat steak from a printer?

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