Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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The Zombies among us....
Blame the cat:

  For example, there is a single-celled parasite called Toxoplasma gondii, which is found in domestic cats, and is estimated to infect 350,000 people a year in Britain. Its effect on humans became the obsession of Jaroslav Flegr, professor of evolutionary biology at Charles University in Prague, who linked it with disturbed behaviours such as reckless driving and a greater risk of suicide.

related item: zombie botnets in your laser printer may be spying on you.

UKTelegraph says that although fewer folks go to church, the younger ones pray more than those over 50 years of age...

Related item: NASA's advice on what to do if an asteroid will hit the earth: PRAY.


StrategyPage discusses drone use in the war on terror.

and there is no Israeli blockade of Gaza:

Hundreds of trucks full of goods enter Gaza from Israel each day but it is Hamas that refuses to allow more. Many more trucks enter via the one legal route from Egypt and Hamas restricts the number coming here as well. All this is to enable Hamas to collect more taxes (from goods smuggled through the tunnels) and get weapons and wanted criminals (as in Islamic terrorists) into Gaza. The tunnels also allow Hamas to move whatever they want in or out of Gaza without any government interference or observation.

Hamas will even give you permission to dig a smuggling tunnel for only $2500


Watch the Sky: The Space Hedgehog is missing.
Reg readers in the Leamington Spa area are asked to keep an eye out for a knitted hedgehog which may have fallen from the skies thereabouts, and is currently the focus of a frantic search and rescue operation.
CASSiE (Cosmic Ambassador for Space Science and Engineering), aka the Cosmic Hedgehog, was sent aloft last Friday on a balloon mission, accompanying 70 student scientific projects into the stratosphere.
Unfortunately, mission control lost contact with the payload on its descent, and is now calling on the public for assistance:
The space hedgehog missing poster

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