Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stories below the fold

How to dress in the extreme cold: scientists using monitors to figure out what works.

These scientists might try asking the descendants of the Vikings or those who live in Minnesota (many of whom are descendents of Vikings) for advice.

As the saying goes: There is no bad weather, just the wrong clothing.


Need to embalm a leader? ask the Russians.

or you could just hire Marcos' embalmer


the 2011 Arctic Ozone hole was caused by....extremely cold weather?


Some diamonds come from sea sludge.


Are cattle the solution for desertification, not the cause?
more HERE.

WalterRussellMead reminds the NYTimes and others that their emphasis on the "scandal" and "declining church" stories to push the liberal agenda ignores the reality of the church:

as the largest non-governmental organization in the world, it’s easy to underestimate what the Church does in terms of promoting international understanding, working for peace in troubled parts of the world, and caring for the poorest of the poor. It is often imperfect in its pursuit of these goals, but it does all of these things in areas where almost nobody else is doing them.
Dealing with the scandals and intrigue in the Vatican is a serious part of the journalistic work that has to be done in covering the conclave. But it’s important to remember that the Church isn’t reducible to Vatican politics. Nor, for Catholics, is it reducible to its human side. For Catholics the church is a divine as well as a human institution, one that God works through to bring peace and justice to the world despite its human failings and weaknesses.
TeaAtTrianon links to a longer article on the myths about Anne Boleyn.


Heh. How condoms can save children's lives.


an article on the Brits invading/controlling Persia in WWII to stop Hitler from getting at the oil fields.

a lot of the problems of the area actually can be traced to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the Versaille treaty. 

and yes:

, there is such a thing as a Stupid question. 


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