Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Stories below the fold

Freakonomics says the stock market is at a new high, but no one wants to talk about it.

Maybe because most of us think it's a bubble that's going to explode.

StrategyPage has a podcast on Syria's end game, and if you check their main site, several articles on the Middle East's Shia/Sunni fight.

Hmm...FARC still is killing folks by using landmines because they didn't sign the "anti land mine" treaty. And it's not just FARC:


Afraid of robots? give them dimples.

the 911 planes were hijacked, not with guns but with boxcutters.

So the TSA just decided "small knives" are okay to bring aboard.

Also under the new policy, billiard cues, ski poles, and lacrosse and hockey sticks will be allowed in aeroplane cabins in carry-on luggage.

but it's still unclear if I can bring my knitting needles on board.

Giant Camels once lived in northern Canada.

for Full Figured gals:

Everything you wanted to know about bras but were afraid to ask.

(headsup Davebarry)

 Jeb Bush immigration compromise:  Let kids without papers become citizens, but let the parents be ineligible for citizenship unless the immigrate legally.

Sounds good to me. What people forget is that many of us don't want to throw out those entering the US without papers to get jobs, we do resent giving a free pass to those who don't follow the rules, when those of us who obey the rules are punished for doing so.

My son from Colombia lost his green card because he overstayed a visit to his native country (technically, you have to live one day each year in the US to keep your green card), and now the powers that be won't even give him a visitor visa, even though he has family in the US and owns a business in Colombia. 

for some reason, my Filipino relatives have found getting a visa easier...

Cross cultural advice: How to screen your daughter's boyfriends to see if they "are from a good family"...

Marty McFly take note....


Cats1 Scribe zero: 1420 AD.


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