Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stuff around the net

Speculation about the upcoming book on the Fall of Arthur. 


Penn Museum has a lecture about the archeology of Arthur HERE. Sounds like the arguments about the Saxon invasion are still going on... the others in the series are also interesting. ------------------------------------

 book about design looks interesting.


 It's Holy week, and the Philippines will shut down later this week as folks travel to their home provinces for family reunions. The Coast Guard is checking ferries for safety and against terrorist bombs, and bus owners are warned: No x rated videos to be shown during the long trips.


Debating the existence of....nothing...
or how about debating the existence of everthing.

The Time Square Hum....gone but not forgotten.

Spiked asks the question no one else days ask:

Adopt a polar bear? Have you seen what they do?

well, since Hollywood can make dinosaurs and vampires cute and cuddly, so what else is new? 

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