Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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Good news: Zimbabwe approves of a new constitution.

bad news: Mugabe's thugs arrest the PM's aides.

From BoingBoing: EEF one, FBI zero.

for later reading.

Related item: US wants warantless snooping of your car's GPS system.

Malala returns to school

the "WAGD" article of the day: Pandemic drug resistant swine flu.

Read it and weep.


Hillary's been hacked, and even if the US MSM ignores it, the Russians won't.
According to the Blumenthal memos, though, even the US secretary of state was being fed disinformation directly after the attack. In the email dated Sept. 12, Sec. Clinton is told that the anti-Islamic film was likely the catalyst for the assault.

Obama was giving fake information to Hillary? Why would he do that?

I hate to tell my relatives, but the mayor has decided the "I stand with Bailey" types are not protected by the first amendment.

presumably all those Asians complaining of reoccuring assaults have now been reeducated...

Playing the religion card.

As Mark Twain once wrote: The more they spoke of God, the more I checked my wallet.

Medical news you can use:

Hairy legs can keep bedbugs away.

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