Saturday, March 09, 2013

Stuff below the fold

FilAm Blogger BelmontClub compares Hugo Chavez's rage againts mortality (and his planning a huge moseleum so folks remember him) with Cory Aquino's acceptance of death and burial in an ordinary grave next to her husband.

Ferdinand Marcos murdered her husband. And she responded by leading a nation to take from him the only thing he loved: power.  And with  herself in possession of it, she set about limiting it and cast it away when her term ended as if it were the lightest thing in the world.  That final gesture: to yield vast power when she could have kept it unquestioned was something only the Great could do.
She rejected the ring of power...

Answering the really important questions of the day: Why did Bilbo have such a large dining room table?

To hold parties, of course.


Bookmarked for later reading: why only those with a "secular" mindset are allowed to get into power.

So withdraw from the world and stop bothering the righteous, as one of my 'facebook friends" thinks all Christians should do?

Yet even the Shire would not have lasted long if Gondor fell...

Rewrite the history books: domesticated dogs lived 33 000 years ago...
and may have been domesticated by several different people, since DNA suggests at least four ancestral lady-dogs.

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