Sunday, April 14, 2013

Drug pusher?

From ABC:

a sympathetic article about the poor employees paid 7 dollars an hour who couldn't find any other work and that justified their cutting the necks of live newborns.

Includes this ironic paragraph:
However, O'Neill, like many others, stayed on at the clinic until a February 2010 drug raid, which was spawned by Gosnell's high-volume distribution of OxyContin and other painkillers.

This finally hit CNNI today, and the anchor, Cooper, wasn't upset about the live birth killings or the malpractice against the moms, but did think that maybe the state should have investigated the clinic as the law was supposed to do.

Apparently they did, but only the FBI and that was about narcotics, not killing babies or women.

Where are the reports from the local ER's about this? 

And where was the PA Medical society in all of this?At least one ex employee said she reported him...

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