Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Family news

Chano and family are headed to Manila for rice deliveries and then on to a conference on organic farming.

Ruby went with them. (one reason they home school is so she can accompany them during business trips etc.).

Last night, we had a short brown out. It blew the light bulb in the kitchen and the on off remote controller part of our TV.

So after they left, I went with another driver to drop it off to get it fixed, and buy Lolo's medicine (which we buy once a week due to the cost: we pay cash).

Then we had to update the SIMS card and battery on my cellphone.

I found a new kitten yesterday: I walk the watchdog in the late afternoon (he is so vicious he stays on a chain and we both need exercize). This one he "found" but I stopped him before he killed it, and brought it home. Alas, it's only about a week old and won't eat: usually we feed them with a syringe but they tend to die if they are this young. Oh well. we've lost three tiny kitties last year because they were too small, and two half grown ones who got away from us and got killed by the dogs, and two older cats, both males, disappeared last year: one was our cat Precious, who I really miss. Sigh.

We still have three cats left.

We fixed our female cat after five litters, so the kitties are usually thrown away in the vacant lot and I rescue them, or are newly weaned and try to come in because they smell food.

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