Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Family news

I am still recovering from jet lag, and just woke up. It's very hot (the hot season before the monsoon starts in early June) so we stay in the air conditioned bedroom most of the daytime anyway. The city fiesta is going on, so lots of visitors. The parade was this afternoon. In the old days, Lolo and the other World War II vets marched in the parade, and the out of town guys would stay here, and they would drink and play cards and have a good time. Now they all are either too frail to travel that far or have passed away. Sigh. Our small dog was found dead in the garden: Probably heat stroke. he was not old and was okay in the morning, but has long hair (which I usually cut, but hadn't because I had been out of town) and it is 90plus degrees out. Sigh. Older and larger dogs are okay, except for ticks. They also hadn't been bathed since I left so we went to work cleaning them up. Yuck.

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