Sunday, April 07, 2013

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Aethelflaed, warrior Queen.

Yes: Bernard Cornwell (most famous for writing the Sharpe's Rifles series) has a book that mentions his Saxon series of books.

the Justinian plague article is here.

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Conspiracy theory? Replacing literature with pop science fads facts.
“Fact-based” books on climate change are also replacing classic works of literature because they are viewed as offering students an opportunity to learn “science.” Freakonomics—a book that has already been a favorite of public school teachers—is preferable to Poe
 T Rex: more terrifying than the movie

Religious illiteracy in the MSM continues. From GetReligion.

a USA Today story that included this interesting nugget (,,,He even brought up the story of Jesus being rebuked in Jerusalem, saying it was the same for him being abused in his hometown.)
Um, is it me or does USA Today think Jesus’ hometown was Jerusalem? (It wouldn’t be the first time, of course, that a major news organization got such a simple fact wrong.)

HeirOfDurin has a report on Hobbit con in Germany...

no spoilers, unless you haven't read the book and don't the hot dwarves' fate.

 FYI: We are still paying for the Civil war.

Update: a busy day with internet going on and off...still have to get up at night to feed the tiny kitty. Sigh.

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