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The Economic crisis for Dummies. BBC article here.


Michael Martinez notes that Peter Jackson is making the Hobbit from the Dwarves point of view, and notes that they do indeed have "magic": i.e. technological ability. In Tolkien's world, magic is using one's powers to manipulate the environment...

What was America's largest battle? No, not the Bulge but the Meuse Argonne....

The gentle anchoress is worried about the Zeitgeist police, and calls Piers Morgan their Torquemada.
The same government that tried to dictate to the churches whom they must call “minister”, the same government that is trying to define for people the limits of their own religious consciences and their free exercise of religion, will — particularly through the courts, as time goes by and current seats are vacated — find in favor of plaintiff couples arguing that they have a “right” to a sacrament or that their marriages aren’t working because they have been denied blessings and counselings available to other couples. Or there will be another argument, but the attempts to intrude on the churches will be made, and past cases suggest that when they are made, sexual orientation and license trumps religious freedom:

the getreligion essay she refers to in her blogpost is here.

"get religion"blog gets it's name from the phrase: The MSM just doesn't get religion. Given the faux pas of the NYTimes reporter not understanding the basic dogma of Christianity celebrated in Easter, (and for layers of fact checkers and editors missing it too) one must agree they need more diversity in their staff..
I always supported gay marriage, when it was about helping people with same sex attraction normalizing their lifestyle...and encouraging them to stop the "gay lifestyle" that spreads disease on many levels.

but alas according to the press reports, it seems actually to be about pushing a gender free world where the sex has no moral meaning and prosecuting those who say otherwise. And those with this agenda know the real enemy: the church, who insists sex is holy in marriage, that children are a blessing not a burden, and that god didn't make a mistake when she made them "male and female"...

How bad is it? When I see progressives suggest that those opposing gay marriage should shut up, keep "religion" out of society, or even leave the country, it makes me shudder.

A similar meme is souring the gun control debate: 
white men are the big problem...Huh? , the National Science foundation is giving close to a million dollars of grant money to two women who can't do a simple google to find the CDC statistics.

But a few reporters dare to notice the real problem of too many guns in the hands of too many people who shouldn't have them, and that most of the victims and shooters are from minority families,.as this article from CNN discusses.

also not being discussed except on far right wing blogs: maybe they should start enforcing the gun laws that are already on the books before making new laws?
Criminals don't obey laws:  How many women have been killed despite restraining orders?

and I am wondering why only the white school shooter's vitims are usually mentioned: presumably my patients in Red Lake don't even deserve a mention either (and that shooter stole the rifle from his grandfather, a policeman, so a gun law wouldn't have prevented that)...


a sixty year old pipeline bursts in Arkansas, and instead of calling for repairing the infrastructure and making sure inspections are being done properly, NatGeo uses the story to point out that the Keystone pipeline could also cause a major leak (presumably in 2073)

another reason the end of the world is nigh: abort your kid, freeze her eggs so that you can have a biologically related baby when you are old and infertile.

Hope he has a bullet proof vest
Pope to review Vatican bank and curia.

Funerals of the future: Freeze Dried corpses.


If you think the numerous genders of the PC are complicated, try being a microbe with seven genders.

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