Friday, April 12, 2013

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StrategyPage has the latest on how China is stealing traditional fishing grounds (and eventually their petroleum supply) from the Philippines.

They also note why the Christian half of Nigeria isn't too keen on giving amnesty to their local Islamicist terrorists:

Michael Ledeen at PJMedia wrote that North Korea's threats were a proxy for Iran's bomb.
 I figured he was paranoic,, but StrategyPage notes the same thing:

April 11, 2013: Iran is paying close to North Korea’s recent effort to threaten the world into submission via the threat of using primitive (and recently developed) nuclear weapons. The results of this are not in yet, but if the North Korean nuclear intimidation fails Iran would be more willing to abandon their nuclear ambitions.  ...
Reuter's headline says "Cathedral clash", but what happened was a military type attack on peaceful Christian worshipers, not a fight between two thuggish groups.
UKIndependent has more:

ah, but the Egyptian president's spokesman says the Christians started it, but the officials quickly backed off from this claim, which seemed to send an okay for more attacks by extremists.

and it doesn't help when the police take the side of those attackers or that the NYTimes says Muslims also were attending the funeral service and were complaining at the government's failure to stop attacks.

So it is only part of a power grab by the Islamicists, never mind that the economy is tanking and tourists and their money is keeping away.


There isn't much coverage of the murders of black teenagers etc. but with the gun control debate going on, Ebony analyzes the figures for you and has an ongoing discussion there of the problem.

The "good" news"? The murder rate is actually 50percent lower than in 1991...

the InOurTime podcast this week is about the Amazons.

Andrew Cusack asks: What do you do with day old Haggis?

Voila: add tomatos sauce and put it over noodles: linguine alla scozzese.

Remembering the Sutton Hoo burial.
More about Germanic/Viking ship burials at Wikipedia.
including this factoid:
A unique eye-witness account of a 10th-century ship burial among the Volga Vikings is given by Arab traveller Ibn Fadlan

Michael Wood's series, In Search of the Dark Ages, can be watched on Youtube.
and the fictional blending of Ibn Fadlan with Beowulf was made into a B movie The Thirteenth Warrior.

The late Father Kapaun was given the Medal of Honor...more HERE.

The citation continues: "Shortly after his capture, Chaplain Kapaun bravely pushed aside an enemy soldier preparing to execute a comrade, thus saving a life and inspiring all those present to remain and fight the enemy until captured."
After their capture, Kapaun and wounded soldiers able to walk were marched to a prison camp near Pyoktong, just south of the Yalu River in North Korea.
During the march and his time at the camp, Kapaun helped carry wounded men, bathed them and washed their clothes, stole food for his fellow prisoners and held secret prayer services in defiance of the Communist camp officials.
Could you be shot by a defective airbag?


Don't mess with Smaug Viet Nam's giant dragon bridge: 

via DaveBarry:

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