Thursday, April 11, 2013

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An exhibitionist wants to be Mayor of New York.

But AnneAlthouse asks the question no one else seems to be wondering: Where does he get all his money?

Persian Paradox wrote that when visiting Pakistan she found a lot of people upset at the civilians there killed by US drone attacks.
Well, most of them ARE the bad guys (in Texas parlience, they "needed kiling").
But now some reports suggest that some were only "suspects" and not verified bad guys.

(headsup Instapundit).

of course, why worry: they'll never be used on you...
UhOh: US Gov't testing drones in Oklahoma.

PETA using drones to stop hunters.

WTOP series on drones HERE.

of course, if you were listening to C2C, you'd know this already

and yes, despite PNoy and the Yanks denying it, drones have been used here in the Philippines.
But because of the libel law the article has to quote a NYTimes article that reports it.
a report on using the Philippines as a drone base can be found on the Brookings instistution website.

however, the Brookings site makes the Moros victims, not noting they are late arrivals and pirates who raided the Philippines killing and enslaving them...

DVT analysis suggests using heparin to stop deep vein thrombosis, based on a bunch of studies whose results were pooled together.
Like all metanalyses, unless you have time to check you don't know if the studies they used were actually valid...and heparin does work: it is already used in patients, but using it for everyone would result in a lot of side effects not seen in smaller studies.

Similarly, this study showing the elderly got "risky" drugs doesn't mention what were the risky
drugs, or if they were used because they were cheaper than the newer more expensive medicines.
But most of the list are "psychotrophic" medicines:

So if I give an elderly lady with Alzheimer's a psychotrophic medicine so her shouting/temper tantrums are controlled so to put her to sleep at night so she doesn't wander off, then she can stay at home with family, she is getting a "risky drug". Heh. We know that. It's just that we figure the alternative is worse:

another day, another earthquake: No, not here.



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