Thursday, May 09, 2013

Benghazi: Where are the peaceniks?

I am wondering why the left doesn't get on the Benghazi coverup: there were a lot of "spook" types in the area, who were presumably trying to stop the local Alqaeda guys from getting Kadaffy's weapons and sending them abroad to cause trouble, and the meeting with the Turkish ambassador suggests the US Ambassador were probably funneling captured weapons to Syrian rebels...

That explains the fake "cover story" (and why Romney went along with the coverup).

But it doesn't explain why there was no rescue...and rumors about the military going to help them were told to "stand down" continue on the Milblogs...

Yes, a small group did fly in from Tripoli that night to help the local militia. Has anyone bothered to thank them and the locals who risked their lives?

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