Sunday, May 12, 2013

Benghazi et al

Wired article on vilerat's warning.

I keep referring to this article when  I write about the coverup on Benghazi, but so far the newspapers seem to be ignoring the fact that Smith not only told his fellow gamers that an attack was coming but one suspects he also warned the State Department.

So the timeline actually should start 3 hours earlier...since it was posted at 12 noon on the gamer site...I know that because I checked the site when the article came out...

yet almost no  one mentions it in the news reports...wondering why?


Addendum: other stuff I was going to post before my connection went off this morning (sorry no links).

The WAGD story of the day:

MomJones said we have reached the tipping point for CO2 levels, which are now the "highest in human history". I added a question to their website asking what they meant by human history (since they started measuring CO2 or if they meant since Homosapiens evolved 150 thousand years ago)...but never mind. It doesn't sound good to me...

the "maybe We're All Not Going TO Die" stories of the day:
The good news is that the new "SARS" coronavirus doesn't seem to spread from person to person.

The good news (?) about the new "flu" virus is that it is too fatal to become a world wide epidemic (people die before they spread it to a lot of folks). The bad news? The virus seems to be evolving to a less lethal strain so might become a pandemic which is less lethal.

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