Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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Minoans were probably related to neolithic farmers from Anatolia (Turkey) who migrated to Europe in the early bronze age/late neolithic age.
The findings suggest that the ancient Minoans were likely descended from a branch of agriculturalists in Anatolia (what is now modern-day Turkey and Iraq) that fanned out into Europe about 9,000 years ago. If so, the Minoans may have spoken a proto-Indo-European language derived from the one possibly spoken by those Anatolian farmers, the researchers speculate.
Knowing that the Minoan language has Indo-European roots could help archaeologists decipher a mysterious Minoan writing system, known as Linear A, Stamatoyannopoulos said.
The prevailing theories hold that Minoan was a separate language family.

attention, Downton Abbey fans:

Librivox has the audio for the Experience English Housekeeper.
English cooking at its best from eighteenth-century celebrity chef, Elizabeth Raffald. Born in Doncaster, Raffald worked for 15 years as housekeeper in great houses, including that of Lady Elisabeth Warburton at Arley Hall, Cheshire, before setting up as a confectioner and innkeeper in Manchester. The Experienced English Housekeeper was published in 1769 and ran to 13 editions.
if you prefer to read the book, check this link at Internetarchives.

A volcano 40 miles away from Mexico City is threatening to explode. Except for ash, that shouldn't be a problem for the Mexico city dweller.

follow up: LATimes on genetic breast cancer genes and Angelina Jolie.


from American Medical News: Regulation overload.

alas, the article is written in "technicalese", which is meaningless and even adverse to what docs actually do. It assumes the patient has a problem, and you solve it. Alas, most patients have many problems and often much of your time is spent talking about stuff you can't put into the coding machine, so when docs type out and fill in the blanks instead of talking to a patient as a human being, the patients get frustrated.

their answer: Hire a consultant.
Bollinger said small practices may want to consider hiring a consultant who is knowledgeable about the compliance piece and will stay informed of the necessary changes. Practice managers also can network with others facing the same challenges. This may mean partnering with local hospitals, other practices or outside organizations. She said online networking groups also can help.

and then there is this article:
The exercise in frustration is made worse by the work flow processes required by the nascent EHR systems, Dr. Stack said.
“Each element is selected by a series of clicks, double-clicks or even triple-clicks of the mouse,” he said. “Standardized language, not necessarily intuitive or ideal, is presented for all items being documented. Hunting, clicking and scrolling just to complete a simple history, physical exam is a tedious and time-wasting experience.”
first they replaced the high energy light bulbs with low energy light bulbs that contaminated everything with mercury when they broke.

Now the meme is to use LED lightbulbs that may make you blind.

Oh well: Back to candles and oil lamps. Then you only have to worry about the house burning down.

Everyday heroes:school kids in a race stopped to save a girl from drowning.

As they waited to cross the waist-high water, the pupils - led by Matt Hunt, 15 - spotted a girl from another team who had lost her footing and was being carried off downstream.

Max Alford, 15, quickly used his throw line to pull the stricken girl to safety. An air ambulance arrived to treat the girl, who has now recovered from her ordeal.

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