Friday, May 03, 2013

The "WAGD" post of the day

And is the biofuel craze to blame?
In France and Germany, some researchers blame it on the introduction of farmed corn as biofuel — much less corn was grown there in the past — giving easy sustenance to the roving pig.

no, not these pigs:

but these pigs. Think Hogzilla:
Photo source:(Melynne Stone, AssociatedPress…)

Feral boars are now a problem, not just in the US but in parts of Europe and even the West Bank of Israel...

some hunters shoot them from helicopters, since following them into the underbrush can be dangerous (they have large tusks and can turn on you).

but every cloud has a silver lining: The Orlando Sentinal reports that the wild hogs have wiped out all the local rattle snakes 100 years ago...

 and although dangerous if wounded, they can be quite tasty.
BBC recipes on how to cook wild boars.

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Looks like a job for Asterix and Obelix.