Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Volcano Mayon: Not in our area

Uh OH: Some tourists were killed at the Mayon volcano.
No, it's not near here (it's south of Manila).

The local report is here.

He said rocks “as big as a living room” came raining down, killing and injuring members of his group, some of whom were in critical condition. Jesalva said he rushed back to the base camp at 914 meters (3,000 feet) to call for help.
Eight people were injured, and Salceda said the others were in the process of being brought down the mountain. Ash clouds have cleared over the volcano, which was quiet later in the morning.
“The injured are all foreigners … They cannot walk. If you can imagine, the boulders there are as big as cars. Some of them slid and rolled down. We will rappel the rescue team, and we will rappel them up again,” he said from Legazpi, the provincial capital at the foothill of the mountain.
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because it is a a steam explosion, it hasn't raised the volcano alert level...
Imagine boiling water in a sealed pressure cooker. The pressure created by steam in the enclosed container can blow the lid off. In the Mt. Mayon incident, rains seeped through the volcano, reaching the hot rocks, and forming steam. The steam was obstructed by a solidified precipitation which caused the explosion, Solidum explained.
Wired writes about what caused the small steam explosion at the Mayon volcano, and includes this photo:

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