Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why Tolkien's Dwarves Rock

 A nice guest essay at Thorinoakenshield webpage 
by Anjy Roemelt.

First they are family. They belong together, and as the audience I can make myself believe I do, too. I pin their pictures to my kitchen-door, I wear their items, I sing their song, I am one of the family. Better, sometimes, than my real one. Family as it ought to be. Loving and teasing and fighting for one another. It’s vital we know these things are still important....Secondly, they fight. For one another. For something. They have something more important to them than their comfortable homes and regular income...And then there is the humour of it all. Starting with Bilbo. All these great feelings and longings I have described so far, and I should go for them without a hanky? No way! Bebother and confusticate reality! The greatness and the kingship, and the nobility, and glory would be unbearable without the humour.

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