Friday, June 14, 2013


I'm trying not to get paranoid about politics (one of these days I'm going to write an essay wondering if, as an elderly mother of 2, stepmother of three, and grandmother of six, and an ex missionary to boot, if I have a big file somewhere in Washington that puts me on a terrorist risk.

Why should they?

Well, I attended a Church weekend with one of the Harrisburg 8 (the FBI was watching) and kept quiet when a non violent anti Vietnam protester who they were looking for was living down the street from me.

Then I worked in Rhodesia, at a time when it was under sanctions and on the "no visit" list along with Cuba and North Korea.

Then I was in Liberia, which is another long story, except to say that I got out shortly before they started a revolution and shooting folks in front of the Hilton where we used to disco dance.

In the US, I didn't cause trouble, except for pro life letters to the editor (guess that might make me a terrorist)

and when 911 occurred, I didn't report that one of my patients had made arrangements for her daughter's boyfriend's family to hide out with her if the gov't tried to imprison all Muslim non citizens (similar to FDR's actions against the Japanese).

Of course, I now live in the Philippines and send letters with kitten photos all over the world, including to Iran, the Middle East, Zimbabwe, the UK and the US.


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