Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dengue anyone?

Dept of Health here in the Philippines reports 42,000 cases of Dengue fever with almost 200 deaths in the last six months.

probably more cases than reported, since mild cases don't see doctors.

another "roll on roll off" ferry sank in calm seas.

luckily, nearby fishermen rescued most of the folks, but 2 dead and at least 7 missing (since often the bug drivers aren't on the passenger list)

well, at least when Cebu Pacific slides off the runway, no one is killed...

Brady Barr is in the Philippines. Guess we'll be on Nat Geo one of these days. The killer croc Lolong, has died of pneumonia and that makes him sad:

Barr said he was saddened by news of Lolong’s fate. Barr said he was saddened by news of Lolong’s fate. “Truly, giant crocodiles are very, very special,” he said. “They’re very few and far between. There are fewer of them on the planet every single day for a number of reasons: habitat loss, illegal fishing activities … We kill them out of fear and ignorance,” he added.
actually, Lolong wasn't killed, (he died in captivity) but should have been: He killed a young girl and probably killed a missing fisherman.

and I have to laugh at Barr telling the local poor that they live in a tropical paradise. As my husband told me: You can't eat the scenery.

monsoon rains are flooding some areas.

Don't blame global warming: it's due to deforestation (bribe someone to look the other way when you cut the valuable trees down) allowing folks to build houses on the flood plain (bribe someone to ignore regulations) and lack of proper drainage (rivers silt up, garbage gets thrown in ditches and block drainage...either these things are not a priority or the money supposed to pay for these things ends up in someone's pockets).


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