Saturday, June 29, 2013

Environmentalists protest in Iran

Dr E reports on an environmental protest in Iran and notes:

Experts believe the natural pristine forests of Iran, belonging to the Hircanian age, probably date back to between 2-3 million years ago.... They comprise up to 4% of the country's area and are under constant pressure from legal and illegal logging, urbanization and industrialization projects. (they are) Situated at the north of Iran and southern border of the Caspian sea
CNN "world report" discusses this, and says the road was planned by the previous administration, which is why Dr. E and others are hopeful that it will be stopped.

StrategyPage analysis of the latest election here.

Rowhani was widely believed to be more capable than Ahmadinejad when it comes to fixing the economy, mainly because Rowhani has demonstrated an ability to work out compromises. Rowhani is also expected to keep quiet about the corruption among the families of the senior clerics and concentrate on the welfare of the Iranian people as a whole.

The real problem is the ancient Shiite/Sunni divide, complicated by the more ancient Farsi/Arab divide.

Persia once ran the place, and wants to do so again.

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