Sunday, June 23, 2013

Family news

Chano is still at the farm all day.

 Lolo went last evening (4 pm when it starts to get cooler) and stayed until 7 we ate and went to bed late. As a result, I overslept and we missed mass. Sigh.

When Mamadog was dying, she often couldn't manage to go outside for the ladies room, but went inside the garden door, away from the dining room and living room. Now that she is gone, and it's raining and wet outside, the other dogs have decided they can now use it, which means cleaning up every morning (sometimes twice, since the cook cleans the floor at 6 am and they go again after breakfast). Yuck.


 So I am in a perpetual bad mood, and have to punish/re teach the dogs, who were house trained up to three months ago.

Nothing bothers Lolo, however.

The news of the day is all bad: scandals and wars. So I am downloading lectures to listen to, and found some old Gregory Peck movies on youtube to watch:

 Keys of the Kingdom.

Twelve O'Clock High.

The man in the Grey Flannel Suit.

Moby Dick

and if you want to watch a movie that won't make you depressed, there is

Roman Holiday.


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