Sunday, June 09, 2013

Fill in the blanks

The protests have increasingly focused on _____________ arrogant personality and his politics of intimidation.  His penchant for making unilateral decisions... stems from his arrogance and self-righteousness. His relentless attacks on his critics, and his abuse of state power to silence his critics, are concrete examples of calculated, self-serving political intimidation...

Many...believe that _________personal disrespect extends to any(one) who disagrees with any of his policies and decisions. Such profound and ingrained disrespect by the most powerful politician...has led to disregard for civil liberties and the use of state power to silence his critics.____ threatens critical reporters with lawsuits and criminal charges-and that is indeed a fact. He threatens opposition media outlets-another fact. Less certain are accusations that his party identifies and punishes public workers who oppose ____.

Public workers, however, are certainly vulnerable to this type of party-line intimidation and ______ loves to intimidate.  

answer HERE.

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