Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Good news of the day

Kabang, the heroic dog who lost his jaw saving the lives of two kids, is returning home.

Alas, his jaw couldn't be rebuilt, but they fixed it so he can eat.

Every time there is a disaster in the world, our local headlines stress if any local Pinoys were hurt.

leading this wag to write:
No Filipinos hurt in Beyonce butt slap incident

bookmarked for later reading: The Hadron Collider the multiverse and me (and my friends). 
It all has to do with one of the main theoretical puzzles in fundamental physics: why is the mass of the Higgs particle 17 orders of magnitude smaller than its “natural” value?  (“Natural” here is a technical term in particle physics. It has nothing to do with natural vs. supernatural.) There are several explanations of the Higgs mass that preserve the principle of “naturalness”.  All of these ideas predict that new kinds of particles should be seen by the LHC. But so far, none of them has turned up.  Physicists are beginning to think that maybe they won’t.
Then how would one explain the puzzle of the Higgs mass being so light? The only physics idea left is the one proposed in 1997 in that paper by me and my friends—namely that we live in a multiverse.

I haven't read about this so far, since I wasted time trying to figure out previous theories that turned out to be lacking.  but the BBC has explained it here.

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