Friday, June 14, 2013

In our prayers

Iran is holding elections, and since all candidates have to be okayed by the reigning Mullahs, it is a choice between Tweedledee and Tweedledum

From StrategyPage:

June 13, 2013: The presidential election is tomorrow, but all the candidates were approved by the senior clerics and there is not much drama because whoever is elected will do what they are told

and they are preparing prisons in case the public objects.

Dr E, of Persian Paradox, was hoping that the previous president or other reform candidates would be allowed to run as a reform candidate, and many reformers were trying to run for lower level jobs running the cities, but alas this has also been nixed. LINK

Now that I have been disqualified on political pretexts, to run for Council elections in Tehran, I have been  spending more time on the concurrent presidential elections. Former President Khatami has now, for the past 7 months, convened a Council of Advisers to decide on a road map for the future. A strong and unified presence for the nationwide council elections and a wise decision on presidential elections has been pursued by this group and other remaining Reformist political groups.

Although many well known Reformist figures were disqualified for council elections in major cities like Tehran, yet Reformists have managed to produce an alliance among their groups and give a 31 person list for Tehran as well as many other cities. This is the result of months of tireless efforts of many political activists who have payed the heavy price of Reformist activism in Iran.


So why has President Obama chosen the day of the Iranian elections to openly take sides against Iran's ally in Syria? I question the timing. Iranians might hate their rulers, but the spector of a US threat may make many of them less likely to object to the fake election.

The reason I say "openly" is, of course, because the Benghazi coverup was about funneling confiscated arms from Ghadaffy to the Syrian Rebels via Turkey.

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