Saturday, June 22, 2013

Monty Python meets the Hicks

The guys at Spiked report a meeting to teach "tolerance" in Tennesee, and the hicks fight back when the speakers stereotype them.

 Those jeering are wrong (I dislike jeering and interruptions) but they are talking truth to power, and when the FBI was there to take notice, what does it say about freedom of speech?
Ron Meeks, 68, a retired water department supervisor from Hillsboro, said the jeers had been ridiculous. But still, he remained troubled that the US attorney and an FBI agent had come to read the community the law, while taking so few questions. ‘It didn’t feel like tolerance’, he said. ‘They were here to threaten us and put the fear in us.’

You don't help promote understanding by preaching at people like they were stupid, and much of the jeering was simply pointing out that those who gave the talk were prejudiced against locals and stereotyping them as hate filled bigots.

as for "hate crimes": 62% of them were against the Jews, but never mind. and I suspect a lot of the vandalism against Christian churches (like satanic symbols and dead goats descecrating churches) are not put into the statistics...

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