Tuesday, June 11, 2013

paranoia alert

zdnet govt blog has a whole list of posts about gov't snooping.

in contrast, the Anchoress, who is not prone to paranoia, is starting to wonder if this is all "political theater".

It just feels like theater to me! Theatrics and misdirection, and with the exception of the loud airport guys in the Intel shirts, carrying on about disappearing leakers, it seems like really competent theater.
To what purpose? Well, when people are wondering where you were on 9/11/12, and you won’t answer questions about why Foreign Service people were not rescued, and the eyewitnesses are summarily silent; when the sycophantic press has gotten mildly miffed with you because your DOJ is calling them criminals for doing their job; when your tax-collecting bureaucracy has been caught targeting the politically annoying while also spending money like French Aristocracy; when your HHS Secretary has been shaking down entities for money and working against the free expression of human conscience, the thing you want to do is get everyone hyperventilating about something that is, in fact, perfectly legal — put into law in bi-partisan legislation — and until this week largely seen as a “necessary evil” by a pretty complacent country.

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