Thursday, June 20, 2013


Like a lot of folks, I wondered about the explosion of TWA 800, but not because 100 folks "saw" a missile explode near the plane, but because an earlier terrorist plot against Phil airlines had a small bomb placed under the seat so that it would explode the center fuel tank (it didn't work, because the plane was an "extended" version, and the fuel tank was further forward, and because the pilot skillfully managed to land the plane).

but now there is a new film with whistleblowers saying that it might have been an outside explosion that brought down the flight.

So terrorism? Or a "friendly fire" accident?

Sigh. There were 16  students from the Montoursville High School French club killed on that flight, and it will open new wounds in the parents, some of whom still feel that they weren't told the truth.

update: Here are the names of the students and their chaparones who were killed.
01- Dickey, Debbie, a French teacher, Montoursville, Pa.
02- Dickey, Doug, husband, Montoursville, Pa.
03-*Fry, Carol, former school board member, Montoursville, Pa.
04- Rupert, Judith, high school secretary, Montoursville, Pa.
05- Wolfson, Eleanor, chaperone of Montoursville, Pa., group
     (mother of Wendy Wolfson)

06  Aikey, Jessica, 17, Montoursville, Pa.
07- Baszczewski, Daniel, student from Montoursville, Pa.
08- Bohlin, Michelle, student from Montoursville, Pa.
09- Bower, Jordan, student from Montoursville, Pa.
10- Cox, Monica, student from Montoursville, Pa.
11- Gallagher, Claire, student from Montoursville, Pa.
12- Grimm, Julia, student from Montoursville, Pa.
13- Hettler, Rance, student from Montoursville, Pa.
14- Karschner, Amanda, Montoursville, Pa.
15- Loudenslager, Jodi, Montoursville, Pa.
16- Nibert, Cheryl, 16, junior-student from Montoursville, Pa.
17- Rogers, Kimberly, 17, senior-student from Montoursville, Pa.
18- Uzupis, Larissa, 16, junior-student from Montoursville, Pa.
19- Watson, Jacqueline, 18, graduated from Montoursville, Pa., High School.
20- Weaver, Monica, 16, senior-student from Montoursville, Pa.
21- Wolfson, Wendy, 16, senior-student from Montoursville, Pa.
     (daughter of Eleanor Wolfson)


article on the NSA spying program by a reporter who just died in a car accident.

headsup Instapundit.

Update: PJMedia is on it, and since we own a Beemer, I googled if we should worry about becoming BBQ if we hit something coming back from Manila after midnight.

Uh, probably not.
The Mercedes-Benz C-Class, which is an evolutionary design from a company known for sweating the safety details over and above the Euro NCAP requirements, should be leading the pack in the not-catching-on-fire category.

Investigative reporter/conspiracy theorist Jack Cashill feels vindicated.


and attention conspiracy theorists; forget the "black helicopters": worry about the drones. 

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