Monday, June 10, 2013

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The most successful child stars are probably the ones you never heard of.
says Mara Wilson ("Matilda").

and explains why so many implode.

15 things you may not know from the Game of Thrones.

No, I don't watch it (it's on late here and I found it too violent and nihilistic for my tastes).


So why did modern protestants  throw out the books of the bible accepted by Catholics, orthodox, and most of the early reformers? Follow the money, and of course anti catholic bigotry had a lot to do with it.

the essay includes this factoid.
Of all the world’s churches, the one with the canon that differs most radically from the standard US Protestant version is Ethiopia’s truly ancient Tewahedo church, which commands the loyalty of some 45 million people. This is rather more than the number of all US Baptists of all denominations combined.


Maybe if someone had listened to Maxine Waters (link2) they would have known about the gov't snoopers.

and some reports say the whistle blower is hiding "in China"...actually he is in Hong Kong, which is now under China but has more freedoms.

I'd tell him to come here, but PNoy is under Obama's thumb in these things and would probably extradite him

Using drones to predict tornadoes.

that will make the "black helicopter" folks hyperventilate.
And what will happen when the local meth labs get buzzed by a drone?


MomJones has the timeline of gov't snooping here.

And yes, it's Bush's fault, but it was expanded by Obama,( who condemned it when Bush did it)...

Ironically, the fact that this is an issue AFTER the presidential campaign tells us two things:
One, that the press is not making waves for their Messiah by reporting it last year.
Two: That Romney probably knew about it and supported it, and like Benghazi (which was about funneling Ghaddafy's arms illegally to Syrian rebels via Turkey) didn't want to make waves either.

Making manure into electricity...redux. Maybe this time the EPA will let farmers make money.
Digesters seemed like the perfect solution only a few years ago. Manure is fed into a digester, which extracts methane from decomposing organic material, removes impurities and burns it to produce energy.
But many farmers ran afoul of air pollution regulations because their generators emitted nitrogen oxide, or NOx, a component of smog.


mark your calenders (for next year).

 Dead Duck Day was June 5
more HERE. 
and yes, it's R Rated...
headsup Improbable research.

another day, another typhoon...

it will miss us, but being on the edge means thunderstorms (with brownouts and power surges to kill the computer)


Indonesian protest in Saudi...there is a crackdown on "undocumented" workers, and a long wait to get exit permits. The crackdown is because of that country's dirty little secret: That private businees are essentially run by outsiders, and that they are trying to lower their local unemployment rate by getting rid of foreigners.

But, like the US, who wants to hire a local who doesn't want to work hard, when there is an immigrant who will work harder for less?

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