Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stuff below the fold

Dr. E, who was declared not eligible to stay in the Tehran city council, has an article about the increasing Sunni/Shia violence in the area, and mentions the Mahdi, from a religious standpoint.

Apparently she isn't aware that for Christians, he has already come, but the world didn't want to listen to his non political message, but never mind.


The Mystery of the missing socks explained. 


Uh Oh: Three local politicians died shortly after receiving xenographic stem cell treatment in Germany.

On Sunday, the PMA and the PSSCM reported that there were German doctors asking Filipino patients to check in at five-star hotels in Metro Manila, where they perform xenogenic stem cell therapy for around P1 million per shot.

so, it is a real concern about patients, or a concern that local docs are losing business? Both, probably...

Paying off the kin to stop a murder charge in the Manguindano massacre.

well, that might explain why the court case is still being stalled...the victims families need money more than justice. And there are rumors that the family behind the shooter has friends in high places...

Attention Buffy/Firefly fans: There is going to be a conference on Joss in June. (headsup From Mythgard)


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