Saturday, June 08, 2013

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Ave atque vale: Donald Kagan's retirement lecture.
Discussion, argument, and persuasion are the devices appropriate to the life of the mind, not selective exclusion, suppression, obstruction, and intimidation. Yet in my time our colleges and universities have often seen speakers shouted down or prevented from speaking, buildings forcibly occupied and access to them denied, different modes of intimidation employed with much success. Most of the time the perpetrators have gone unpunished in any significant way. These assaults typically have come from just one section of opinion, and they have been very successful 
I wrote the same thing yesterday, about interrupting speeches by activists who are pushing an agenda, and a similar item last week on BNN about censorship by the left (in the name of not hurting people's feelings).


Mary Tudor's forbidden love.

If I remember correctly, Disney had a movie about this story.

and Mary Tudor was played by....Glynis Johns.
better known in her role as Lady Penelope Peasoup...or the proto feminist mother in Mary Poppins.

Via Lucianne: PunditPressBlog says that a whistle blower told Democracy Now radio about the program awhile back.

Afraid of big Brother snooping into your LOLCat emails or webposts?

Try TOR.... Pirate bay download link here.


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