Saturday, July 13, 2013

Background stuff

StrategyPage has a long essay on what's really going on in Egypt.

A bit different than the stuff you are probably hearing...but probably more accurate. Essentially the army there are the puppet masters, but the good news is that aside from stealing everything in sight, they are also good at running the place.


How to stop the NSA from getting your stuff? Try a typewriter.

Ah, but they also photograph/open your many missionaries who reported gov't atrocities found out when I worked in Zimbabwe when it was the apartheid regieme and still called Rhodesia.

They even searched our luggage and checked if we were carrying letters/information to mail when we arrived in Europe (to get around this censorship). I was too honest to carry letters, of course: My face would have given it away.

But my mom blithely said she didn't have anything, so they didn't check her stuff... and so she was the one who smuggled the letters out for them.

I should note that nowadays, Zimbabwe is finally getting cheap cellphones and internet coverage outside major cities, but they also have a survellience system blocking the internet and watching emails.



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