Monday, July 29, 2013

Destroyer of worlds

Paul VI predicted dire consequences from a mindset that denied the link between love, sex, and procreation.

So behold the enemy : I am birth, destroyer of worlds.

no, it is not a religious tirade, but an analysis of the hole in the philosophy of Ayn Rand, and explains why she is wrong to be pro abortion since even a good libertarian recognizes responsibility for their actions.
Though atheistic, Rand condemned a few choices as sin, including the refusal to think and the rejection of reality. Detaching the sex act from its natural consequence commits both. Sex may result in children. Competent adults know that going in, and stand responsible for the lives of any children they may produce regardless.

But the real problem is that we no longer recognize the reality of biology: that such actions can result in a child...

and wait 40 years until the failure to recognize the reality of biology behind marriage law produces a similar bad fruit. The biological part is not about gay sex, but the denial of the feminists that women and men are biologically different...

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