Saturday, July 13, 2013

Family news

the internet was off for 24 hours...they were fixing the lines.

The cable TV is also off, but I have lots of movies and nature stuff to show Lolo so he doesn't get too bored. But he misses the news (he reads the paper but then watches the programs too).

Joy went to a Manila neurologist to get her Bell's palsy checked...they okayed the treatment the local doc gave her, but did a head CT scan (normal of course) and since she was there, checked out her neck pain. She has minor arthritis and minor disk problems, but lots of muscle spasm made worse by her desk, her computer use at the dining room table, and all those long trips to Manila in the car. I have a neck collar I bought at the airport for my trip home,  but she already has two, and if I give her mine she will probably not use it and mislay it, leaving me without one.

Chano is busy doing stuff at the of these days I'll have to go there and photograph the "new" buildings (renovated old ones) for teaching organic veggie farming.

The dogs are all badly infested with ticks. Usually we had a young man working in the garden who would bathe them every week, but now we have an old man, and no one is caring for them...or even making sure they eat okay. Our youngest dog was so thin that she lost her last litter. When I came back from the US, the ticks were so bad that we had to give them a shot to destroy them, but now they are coming back, and Lolo's dog jumps on his side of the bed when we aren't looking, so we have to spray the bed with insecticide every morning, which I hate...

Sargents usually works, but is expensive: I'll probably invest in it when my next funds transfer comes in next week. In the meanwhile, I end up giving them baths....yuck.

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